About Balibilly Design

    I started to pursue lettering & type design in 2019. Initially, I pursued illustration and other creative avenues, check on my Instagram profile.
Potanoo Grace was my first typeface that was motivated by my true passion. After, I keep exploring the beauty and intrinsic nature of the typeface. I have now completed several fonts and sold them in the marketplace. Through 5 of my fonts, I realized that's it not just looks but are vehicles for languages, but also as expressive graphical mediums.


I began to grip the pen at a steeper, wider angle, thus producing flirty flowy terminals. There was a charming style that lends itself to elegant, yet surprising letterforms.

This is the visual assemblage of my sketch after dissolving in the edgiest looks of modern luxury fashion. 


I work well in small team structures, being versatile, organized, focused, and committed to producing exceptional type face.
became productive because of the atmosphere of vintage studios bringing up creative ideas from various directions. 


Based in Canggu-Bali, founded by Bill Natih in 2010, dedicated to working on original creative avenues.


I'm very pleased to announce my first serif font. The Kage Font is the result of an experimental process full of a careful approach. Get this cool font HERE

Visit our website: https://balibillydesign.com 

    Introducing the elegant and unique font KAGE. This style has become a TREND this year📌.
The idea was to incorporate some of the edgiest looks of modern luxury fashion. Its aim is created with a careful approach to make it as simple as possible to use by accessing stylistic alternate letters and ligature in OpenType features. Just jump from ss01 to ss04 and vice versa to rock your next design 🙂

    Kage has 11 FAMILY from Thin to Black. Everything can be applied to design concepts that are at work or become your unique serif font collection, complete with Unicode, and PUA so it can be used in design or non-design applications📌
(tutorial how to use OpenType Kage Fonts in Microsoft Word click here).
Kage is also supported by 131 languages.🌐

    Kage is a strikingly versatile font, It is a bold choice for branding projects, logos, postcards, magazine imagery, social media text overlays, invitations, posters, packaging, website headers, and more. The numerals from Kage are elegant for classic-style clock and ⌚watch design. Is guaranteed to make your customers jaw in a snap! Easy to start creating stand out designs with this font👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

In the future, the font will evolve with alternative styles, swash, ligature, or a new style of Kage 🎉. 

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